The Sunfish


Le poisson lune

The Ocean Sunfish (mola mola) also called "sunfish" is, after the whale shark, the most heavy fish species, its average weight is 1000 kgs. We find it in tropical and temperate waters all around the word. This animal has a prominent head, without tail and is not much thick in regards to its height.

Fins included, a sunfish can be as high as long. The sunfish mainly eat jelly fishes in big quantities due to they poor nutritional value. Females lay more eggs than any other known vertebrate. The fry of the sunfish looks like a small hedgehog-fish. They have big pectoral and caudal fins. Their body is covered with thorns who disappear when they are adults.

You may have the chance to see them in May, June and July when they come to the surface for their reproduction.

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