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Program Complete day (observation 8h30 at sea):  : 206 €
Program Half Day (observation 6h at sea): 144€

Departure from Mandelieu for the Pelagos sanctuary.
During a complete or a half day, offer you incredible memories, observe dolphins, whales, turtles, rays, pilot whales, sunfishes… All the wealth of the Mediterranean fauna in an astonishing show, you have to see it !...

Meeting with the sea giants, toothed whales, rorquals and whales, sunfishes from the depths, hammy dolphins… Curious or careful depending on their nature and species, you immortalize them in their natural environment, far away from any human conditioning.
Depending the period of the year, you will have the chance to photograph the mothers with their youngs or the season of loves… Click on Encountered Species to discover each species with its own characteristics.

The Whale Watching place
(observation Photo) is for people who want to observe and photograph animals without going into water.
Thanks to the air spotting and to our great experience of the marine environment, you are sure to come back with a full memory card !

We register reservations all along the year
, with or without defined date. You can choose your date later on.
Your reservation is valid for the two incoming seasons.
Do not hesitate to contact us in order to choose your trip date for the next season knowing that you will have the possibility to change it if needed.

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Rorqual commun

The Fin Whale


The Toothed Whale

Dauphin Blanc et Bleu

White and Blue Dolphins



Le Rorqual Commun

The Fin Whale

Rorqual Commun

The Fin Whale


The Toothed Whale